Nelle Harper Lee was born on the 28th of April 1926 in Monroeville, Alabama. She is the daughter of Amasa Coleman Lee (Father) also a lawyer and Frances Cunningham Finch (Mother) and was the youngest of four children. She grew up as the tomboy and was tougher than most boys that she went to school with and would be a protector for her best friend Truman Capote who was picked on at school because he was well dressed. Truman lived with his mother’s relatives after he was abandoned by his own parents.

In ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ the narrator, Scout was a tomboy that would fight the boys at school if they would say something that she didn’t like or if they insulted her family. Once Atticus took on the Tom Robinson case he told Scout not to retaliate to the things that people are going to say because he knew that she would retaliate to violence very quickly. Truman has similarities to Dill in the novel as he comes and spends time with his Aunt, Miss. Stephanie during the summertime. And when Dill felt like he was being ignored from his parents he ran back to Maycomb and spent more time with Miss. Stephanie.
Lee Harper’s became interested in English literature in High school. After high school she went to an all-girls college known as Huntingdom College. Where she didn’t have much of a social life she just focused on her studies and writing. She transferred to the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. There she kept pursuing her writing interest. She eventually became the editor of her school newspaper the ‘Rammer Jammer’. Junior year she was accepted into the University’s Law school where undergraduates would go to study more about the law. This meant she had to quit the school newspaper. After a year of studying law she began to express that writing was her true calling. She then went to Oxford University in the summer as an exchange student.

She moved to New York City to pursue her writing career.
To Kill a Mockingbird was Lee Harper’s first and only novel to be published. It was published in 1960 and a year later had won a Pulitzer Prize and won many other literacy awards.