Gothic Details

In the novel there are numerous parts that suggest that there are gothic details present. Some of these major events that are made up of gothic details are listed and explored below.
  • Unatural snowfall- Through the beginning of the chapter there is an unusual snowfall that has not been experienced by the Maycomb residents since 1885. This comes as a surprise to the residents of Maycomb as the seasons have changed and an unexpected cold winter chill has hit them. This is a gothic theme as the children, especially Scout did not know what was happening. This is portrayed to the reader when Scout quotes; " The world's endin', Atticus! Please do something..." PG71.

  • Fire destroying Miss Maudie's house- The event of Miss Maudie's house catching on fire remains a mystery throughout the novel. Nobody knows how the fire started or the real cause. This creates a sense of tension and mysery to the minds of the readers, making them wonder who the culprit is and causing suspense in the novel.

  • Children's superstitions about Boo Radley- Throughout the novel the children describe Boo Radley as a dark and demonized character, by recounting old rumours made from the people of the neighbourhood. This makes the reader portray Boo Radley as an evil character due to all the rumours, and this creates suspense and fear at the mention of his name. After the tragic night of the fire, Atticus and Jem realize that Scout was mysteriously wearing a woollen blanket around her shoulders. When Scout is told that it was Boo Radley who had crept up behind her and covered her with the blanket she nearly threw up. This was because she was afraid and had not noticed Boo Radley. This portrays Boo as a kind of phantom who is mysterious.

  • Mad Dog- In one part of the novel, we learn of a mad dog that is roaming the streets who is very dangerous and deadly. The reader is made to feel worried and concerned about the mystery of the mad wandering dog. This scene inflicts fear and danger in the lives of the characters which make the book seem gothic and even more mysterious.

By: Naomi Borg